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Upcoming N₂Ice Cream in Mexico and Peru


There is a new ice cream shop that is soon to take Mexico and Peru by storm. The company recently announced that they will soon be opening their business in Lima and Mexico City.

Do you want to have an entirely unique and refreshing ice cream experience unlike no other? N₂Ice Cream is not like your ordinary ice cream. Using liquid nitrogen and a set of creamy ingredients, everyone can now taste the new and exciting ice cream flavors that we have to offer.

Choose among a wide range of flavors and you will surely be delighted with its flavorful taste as it melts in your mouth.

Brace yourself for the ultimate ice cream experience. Serving only by using fresh and premium ingredients, our ice cream will surely satisfy your taste.

Your wait will soon be over and we are definitely excited to bring you the N₂Ice Cream for you to enjoy our authentic and sumptuous ice cream flavors.

Come and join us as we will soon be opening N₂Ice Cream in Mexico and Lima.

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