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Franchises available in Latin America and Europe


Ice cream will always be a top favorite dessert among kids and adults. And with N₂Ice Cream, you get to have a whole new different ice cream experience. Unlike the traditional method of making ice cream, we use liquid nitrogen along with fresh and top quality ingredients to give you a flavorful dessert that will not just delight your palate, but can also be a highly profitable business.

N₂Ice Cream with its unique selling point has been successful in the industry. Do you want to have your own franchise of this ultimate ice cream business?

The company is delighted to open up its businesses for potential investors who want to get a franchise of this business. We have franchises available in Germany, Croatia and in other European regions. As the business continues to grow and be popular in the market, there are new franchises that will soon be available in Latin America and in Europe.

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