Interested in joining our family or being part of one the best business of ice cream

With the branches in South America, our ice cream brand is continuously expanding in different countries across the globe. What makes N₂Ice Cream different from the rest?

We give you not just consumer ice cream that uses natural, fresh and premium ingredients using state of the art technology. With the perfect blend of exotic and modern flavors, we came up with a unique way of making ice cream that will surely delight consumers.

N₂Ice Cream is more than just an ice cream product. It is a highly promising investment, a profitable business that will bring guaranteed customer satisfaction and will make you a very viable investment.

N₂Ice Cream offers unique and delectable ice cream products which makes it a highly differentiated product in the market. The sector is continuously growing which only means that it can significantly give you higher rate of return which translated to high profitability.

At N₂Ice Cream, we assist you all throughout the process. From finding the perfect location where you can put up your ice cream business to the business plan, we are committed to help you in establishing your business.

Being in the industry for years, N₂Ice Cream is a highly reputable and reliable ice cream brand. With a team comprised of experts in making and selling ice cream, we know what to do.

Our company aims to expand our ice cream brand not just locally but also in other parts of the globe.

Join our growing business brand and be our business partner!

Being a franchisee, you can have your own business without putting your money on high investment risk. N₂Ice Cream has a sales, marketing and technical support that will assure you of experienced individuals that will grow your business franchise.

As an established ice cream brand in the country, you can enjoy brand recognition, continuously attracting new customers to try the ice cream.

To open your franchise and to know more about franchising N₂Ice Cream, you can request the “Becoming Franchisee” documents that will provide you with all the details that you need to know for your business franchise.

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