Ice cream has become a top favorite dessert. Over the years, it has become creative and innovative. Ice cream makers use different techniques to create ice cream products tailored fit and customized to fit specific people and country’s taste.

Known for its rich and dynamic history and culture, Bolivia is home to a great ancestry that takes pride in the natural beauty of its place. From the natural wonders of the Amazon to the flowing of the crystal clear waters, exotic flavors in its cuisine and even in ice cream products. The golden city of the Incas, the Talk of Paititi is one Bolivians are proud of along with the search of the miners in the Upper Peru.

And this is the inspiration that led to the creation of the concept N₂Ice Cream. Even in modern times, the ancient culture, practices and traditions have still remained. At N₂Ice Cream, we blend the ancient, rich and modern flavors to give you a very delicious and unique ice cream.

The Mission

To give consumers always the ultimate ice cream taste experience. This includes customer service, location, decoration, staff uniforms and everything around the brand. Because the taste and customization are important, but the experience, including technology, is what makes N₂Ice Cream completely unique and different.

Our Core Values

Keeping the brand always innovative is one of its main attractions. And this value should be shown on every aspect of it, from locations and decoration to the staff uniforms and the groundbreaking way of creating ice cream using the N₂ technology.

The flavors of the N₂Ice Cream products are their own costumers’ creations. And this is a great attraction for consumers, since they are able to enjoy what they customized. The ingredient choices and combinations they make get transformed in the final product, which each consumer adopts.

This is the main value that makes the N₂Ice Cream brand be so attractive for its customers. Because many other places might have some of the other values, but the experience that the customers will get here is something that no one else can match. From been able to watch their creations turn into ice cream in only a few seconds to the great ambience. The experience will always give the visitors a reason to talk about and comeback with more frequency.

Style is always a great value and attraction for any visitor because most of them like to be part of a privileged group. And this value will be also featured in the brand, from the interaction of the staff has with the clients trough the selection of design in cups and even napkins.